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Over the years we have spent countless hours working in the satellite TV/Internet Industry.   The new mobile internet products available today, we have learned surpasses the outdated ViaSat & Hughesnet Services of yesterday.  Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, people who know what they are doing and won't be gone tomorrow.  


Primestar Networks prides itself on knowledge, professionalism, and finding the right solution and service provider for your needs. 


 We take the customer experience very seriously with the highest level of quality, and service.  With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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The New vSIM HotSpot

PrimeStar Networks new internet 4G Nationwide INTERNET.

This vSIM HOTSPOT is the first of its kind with a virtual sim card, where it utilizes all (3) carriers in the USA as well as 130 Countries.

The current available data plans start at;

25, 50,100,200,300,450,600,800,1000 GB per month

This is a "Prepaid Service" with no contract, and no credit check

Plans starting at $50.00/month

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 Starlink Satellite Installations Available 

Our experience in the satellite industry lends itself to ensure a proper location, and the installation of the new low earth orbit satellites, which are 340 miles above Earth.

This in turn, will provide greater latency than the traditional satellite internet companies that are in geostationary orbit 22,000 miles above Earth. 

Our services for STARLINK vary based on roof installations which would require bishop tape for roof penetration, or ground pole mounts where we would utilize PVC for the 100' ethernet burial to the house router. 

Call 616-633-5220


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We have the experience, and the skills necessary to tackle just about any type of  satellite tv & internet installation 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency, and offering the best solutions in the space.

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The Premiere Home Internet SIM Card Router or vSIM Hotspots.

PrimeStar Networks is committed to the customer. 

Prepaid  No Contract / No Credit Check  


Traditional SIM Card Mobile router: $280.90 shipped/delivered/activated

Rural Plan = AT&T Network

Urban Plan = T-Mobile Network

Elite Plan= Verizon Network

(3) Services Available Urban, Rural & Elite 

Rural AT&T Plan 300GB Per Month=$140.00/month

Urban T-Mobile Plan 1 terabyte per month $129.99/Month

Elite Verizon Plan 500GB per month=$129.99


vSIM HOTSPOTS $245.95  one-time purchase shipped live. Nationwide  

This new unit will connect to any of the telecom services based on your location nationwide Verizon, T- Mobile, and AT&T Networks.

Plans start at 25GB/month=$55/month and up to 800 GB/month=$129.99/month

All plans have an activation fee to the towers of $39.99 


PrimeStar brought us the business voice and internet package that was best and helped get my business the ideal solution. 

Ruth from White & Company CPAs

- Battle Creek, MI


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