Satellite TV & 300GB Data/Month Mobile Router

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300GB/Month Data Mobile Internet

Best Mobile Unlimited Data Router on the Market, and (2) Plan Services.

Router Purchase $279.99 (One Time Price)

Rural: $109.99/Month

Urban: $109.99/Month

Dish Network

Dish Network is the one company that PrimeStar not only sells but handles the installation for your Home or Business.  Dish has put their money where their mouth is and that is in quality video, google voice remotes, YouTube & Netflix built into the channel guide, 16 tuner Hopper.  Not to mention the (2) year same price.

ViaSat Satellite Internet

ViaSat is the best option in satellite Internet four years running with 2019 satellite network upgrades planned. They have unlimited bandwidth plans if that is what you are after.  They are #1 for rural area Internet service.

Negotiated TV & Internet Service

We at PrimeStar Networks will assist you in negotiating your Telecom Services i.e. Billing, TV, Internet, Landline & Bundles,  to take the time and burden off of you "the customer".  Our pricing for services are 25% of what we save you over the 12 month period, or there is no charge.  We have  helped many customers to date and the SAVINGS were substantial!

Mobile Solutions

Need to locate the future in internet, contact PrimeStar Networks to discuss products and services.

Frontier Cable

We offer the full range of Frontier TV and Internet.  We can seek the right product and services for your needs at the home address.


Caledonia, Michigan 49316

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