Home & Mobile Internet Up to 1000GB Data/Month

  Contact us and we will help you determine the provider that is BEST SUITED for your needs and area.

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Mobile Router's & HotSpots

No Contract/No Credit Check

vSIM-HotSpot nationwide data plans start at 25GB up to 800 GB per month, with prices from $55-$129.99 per month.

This unit utilizes new technology, and it provides usage on all 3 networks nationwide Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T 

SIM Card Home & Mobile Router Data Plans

Nationwide data plans start at 300GB-1terabyte per month, with prices starting at $129.99-$140.00

All Data Plans must be accompanied by one of our routers or hotspots.  We do have a (BYOD) bring your own device available as well, based on compatibility.   



We offer 50 ohm to 75 ohm Yagi Directional Antenna's & Installation for better cellular data gains with our Rural, Urban & Elite Plans if needed. 

Standard Installation $200.00 plus supplies.

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Negotiated TV & Internet Service

We at PrimeStar Networks will assist you in negotiating your Telecom Services i.e. Billing, TV, Internet, Landline & Bundles,  to take the time and burden off of you "the customer".  Our pricing for services are 25% of what we save you over the 12 month period, or there is no charge.  We have  helped many customers to date and the SAVINGS were substantial!

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Mobile Solutions

Need to locate the future in internet, contact PrimeStar Networks to discuss products and services.


T-MOBILE Home Internet Service

In-Home Unlimited Data Internet $60.00/Month based on availability.  We will ensure the right product and services for your needs at your home address.